7 Apr 2011
An Interview with Our Principal, Miss Tang by the Representatives of the Student Union

Our new Principal, Miss Tang Wai Chun, Agnes joined TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College on 1st of September 2011. To know more about our new Principal, representatives of the Student Union interviewed Ms Tang on 7th April, 2011. In the interview, Ms Tang told us much about her education, her family as well as her expectations on S. C. Gawers. The interview was punctuated with laughter and smiles, leaving us with an image of a principal who is not only strong and capable, but also warm and gracious -- somebody really special.

The interview in both English & Chinese will be published shortly in the latest issue of the S. C. Gaw Student Newsletter.

Leadership—Know More About Our New Principal, Miss Tang Wai Chun Agnes

S. C. Gaw & S. C. Gawers to Ms Tang

When Ms Tang was an inspector of the Education Bureau, she had conducted a number of External School Review for Tung Wah schools. She learned about S. C. Gaw for a long time. The impression that she has—our school is a famous school, at least in Tsing Yi.
Teacher-Student relationship has been very good. There is a team of very dedicated and committed teachers who has served in S. C. Gaw for a long time. There is a very strong sense of belonging for all S. C. Gawers, past & present. The students here get good results in examination. They are well-behaved and live up to the expectation of the school motto, i.e. Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty & Faithfulness (勤儉忠信). They are also doing well in sports, cultural and aesthetic development as well as leadership. Prizes and awards won by our students (as shown on the school webpage) are all vivid testimony of the education S. C Gawers receive!

Her Goal—Never settle for less than your best

S. C Gaw is a good school, but it can be better. Ms Tang's favorite quote is "Never settle for less than your best". In fact, she hopes S. C. Gaw will become a "learning school", which means that everyone here, including staff and students, are life-long learners.

Her Expectations

As she has mentioned before, she really wants to see our students can try and strive for the best. She has four words for our students. Firstly, students learn to CARE for the people around them and the things around them. Then students can assume an OPEN attitude that they are ready to accept new things, be open-hearted and forgiving. Also, she wants us to learn to RESPECT each other as well as themselves. The last word is ENDEAVOUR. Always try to reach the highest point and to our capacity! These are the four letters that make up the word "CORE", which mean care, open, respect and endeavour.

As S. C. Gaw is a school which has put due emphasis on English teaching, she hopes that the English standard of our students can be brought even higher. S. C. Gawers can use more English and try to practice English more. Secondly, our students will broaden their horizon and express their views.

The Strengths of S. C. Gawers

S. C. Gaw has a good tradition and a long history—strong in both academics and ECA. Students are, on the whole, good-mannered, friendly, pleasant, capable and independent. Most of them have very high ability and willing to learn. .

Ms Tang at her Leisure Time

At her leisure time, Ms Tang likes reading. She reads a lot which range from educational books to some fiction. Her favorite books are Saki's short stories and books by Iris Murdoch. The book that she is currently reading is Good Work by Howard Gardner which talks about achieving balance between excellence in work and work ethics. In other time, she does exercise to keep healthy. She also likes to listen to music and is fond of watching musicals as well as dramas.

Looking Forward

Though 'family meetings' will be arranged for student leaders and representatives in April & May, Ms Tang still hopes that our students can talk to her directly if they would like to. As the school does not only belong to the Principal or the teachers, we can only have a school when we have principal, teachers and students altogether. That's why she is always looking forward to have more opportunities to share with our students—to know more about what we think!