1 September 2011
TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College
2011-2012 School Major Areas of Concern

Our students value not only academic excellence and personal enrichment, but also individual differences, and are always ready to make contributions to the school as a learning community. The educational goals and school ethos of the School Sponsoring Body, TWGHs, are to be fully realized in our School's Major Areas of Concerns 2011-2012, that is, (1) Developing Students' Self-Learning Capacity for Effective Learning; (2) Optimizing Students' Competence in English through Language Across Curriculum and (3) Cultivating Students' Personal Quality, Promoting National Education through Joint Efforts of Teaching, Discipline and Guidance.

培育「完美」的,具備遠大視野、文化素養、人文理想、承擔責任、及力臻至善的下一代,是 辦學團體 --- 東華三院的教育目標。本年度本校以 (1) 培養學生自學能力達至有效學習;(2) 優化跨學科課程以提升學生英語能力;(3) 教訓輔共同規劃:培養學生個人素質,推動國民教育為 2011-2012年度學校關注事項,鼓勵培養學生自學能力,提升英語水平,以及成為良好公氏,實現東華三院學校的教育使命及抱負。在學習過程中,讓學生建立清晰的目標、為達成目標制訂可行的策略,並透過多元化的學習,學會作明智的決定及建立健康的生活模式。