28 May 2013
Secondary School Theatre-in-Education Project--The Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong sponsored by Quality Education Fund
優質教育基金撥款「中學教育劇場 之 香港日佔時期」

The Secondary School Theatre-in-Education Project has been launched since 2007. It is organized by Alice Theatre Laboratory and fully sponsored by Quality Education Fund. The project has been widely reported in various newspapers. We are glad to be chosen to be one of the participating schools this year.

The theme of the Secondary School Theatre-in-Education Project was the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong. On 28 May, our S4 students were invited to enter the mysterious maze-like structures built at the hall. Actor-teachers put on their costumes to play different roles. S4 students walked across the 3 scenes to witness the history of Japanese Invasion. All students were required to be the think tank of the main character called Ar Chong who was able to make the decisions on whether he would work for the Japanese troops or not.

Many students participating in this highly interactive activity found the project interesting and exciting. Most importantly, they were motivated to think about serious questions such as Hong Kong history, patriotism, and traditional Chinese values like loyalty and benevolence.

Let’s give a round of applause to the teacher actors and QEF again!