16 October 2013
Sixty-two Principals and teachers from Zhongshan Secondary Schools Visited S.C.Gaw

On 16th October, 2013, we were delighted to have 64 Principals and teachers from Zhongshan Secondary Schools visited our school. Our Principal, Ms Tang, Vice-principals, Mr Tam Yiu Wang and Ms Wong Lai Fan and All-round Education Department Head, Mr.Leung Ping Yan shared with them the mission and vision of S. C Gaw. First of all, Mr. Tam introduced the history of our school and the HK education system to the visitors. Then, Ms.Wong shared with them the experience of developing Multi- intelligence programmes in our school and the achievements of our students during these few years. Lastly, Mr. Leung shared with them the ways to implement Moral Education, Value Education, Green and Health Education in our school. The visitors were very interested in the HK education system and the teaching methodology in different subjects.

After that, we invited them to participate in our Student Union and School Prefect Inauguration Ceremony. They were very impressed by the grand ceremony and the performance of the school leaders. We were pleased that they invited us to visit their schools in Zhongshan in the near future so that we can have a better understanding of the education system in China.