1 April 2014
Congratulations to our Supervisor, Mr Sze Wing Hang being the Chairman of TW Board of Directors

Congratulations to our School Supervisor, Mr Sze Wing Hang, being the Chairman of TW Board of Directors 2014-2015 and all of our teachers, students and parents would like to send our warmest regards for his selfless contributions to the progress and achievements of TWGHs. It is our belief that his rich experience from business and administrative sectors can be applied to the management of TWGHs and it is our pride that the poor, the sick, the misfortunate and the youth can benefit more from the diversified services provided by the TWGHs under the guidance of the new Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and other renowned directors.

It is crystal clear that Mr Sze Wing Hang is a reputed and noble educator who always looks far ahead and aims high. Though he has been very busy with his corporate business, he has still shown enthusiasm and concerns with the development of education in Hong Kong. He has put emphases on the personal and psychological growth of each of the students in Hong Kong, and enhancing the competitive edge of students in the face of challenges in the world. It is his burning desire to make sure that teenagers are able to gain more benefits from all-round quality education in which students can unleash their potentials to the fullest in terms of multiple intelligences. Furthermore, he stresses the importance on the balanced development of each of the students in the fields of morality, intellect, physique, collaboration and aesthetics, which can nurture the next generation to be competent and capable.

Throughout his involvement as School Supervisor in giving advice to the development of TWGHs. S. C. Gaw, he has paid effort and given unlimited support to our Principal in the implementation of various policies aiming at raising the language proficiency and cultivating the potentials of each of our students. He has provided abundant resources for the school to develop a series of programmes such as reading to learn, elearning and mobile infrastructure, money management, and elite training like Latin Dance. Under his generous sponsorship, our students taking part in a wide range of international Latin Dance competitions in Italy, Malaysia and Britain could widen their horizons about the world. This has helped our students live a more meaningful and fruitful school life.

Mr Sze Wing Hang is so committed to education and the well-being of the next generation, and he has worked so hard to build up a moving and learning school in Tsing Yi --- TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College. We continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of education in order to be thankful for Mr Sze’s dedication to education.

Song Dedication --- You Raise Me Up
Congratulations to Mr Sze Wing Hang being the Chairman of TW Board of Directors

Inauguration speech of Mr SZE Wing Hang, Ivan, Chairman of TWGHs