1 April 2014
Welcome to our new School Supervisor Mr Sunny Tan, Vice-Chairman 2014/15
We would like to give our welcome to our new School Supervisor, Mr Sunny Tan and it is definitely true that different stakeholders of S.C. Gaw are looking forward to working in partnership with him for the betterment of the school. After graduating from a famous tertiary institution in the USA, Stanford University with a Master Degree, Mr Sunny Tan has been working very successfully and brilliantly in the field of finance and commerce. Based on his valuable experiences working in a multinational company, he is well-equipped with knowledge, skills and tactics to cope with corporate reform, sustainability and expansion of a company. It is sure that he can share his experience with our teaching staff on how to work in collaboration with different stakeholders to build up an effective school for the benefit of our next generation. Mr Tan has been involved in education for a long time and has worked with different frontline teachers and principals to improve the teaching and learning effectiveness. It is so encouraging to have witnessed that he is so devoted to the improvement of students, who are the pillars of our society. It is hoped that Mr Tan can lead our school to take a step forward to reach its optimum in the future.