13 September 2014
Mathematics Enrichment course co-organized by the HKAGE and TWGHs S.C. Gaw Memorial College

Twenty mathematically talented primary students attended a 4-week Mathematics enrichment course at TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College. These students were nominated by their schools and were screened for their mathemtical aptitude by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE). This was the fourth time our school has participated in this collaborative programme with the HKAGE which is responsible for organizing enrichment courses for gifted primary students. They attended a total of four lessons in our school on four successive Saturday mornings from 23rd August to 13th September 2014.

During the course, they were divided into groups and had to explore some mathematical principles in Algebra through some mind reading games, card tricks and hands-on experiments. It is hoped that after finishing this course, these students will have a deeper appreciation of the applications and strengths of Mathematics.