15 May 2015
TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College
International Elite Latin Dance Team
The First Hong Kong Secondary School Representing Hong Kong
Taking Part in the Blackpool World Professional Dancesport Championships
Trooping Flag Presentation Ceremony

Reported by Global News Television
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals S. C. Gaw Memorial College Latin Dance Team will represent HK in the Blackpool World Professional Dancesport Championships in Britain from 21st May, 2015 to 2nd June, 2015. To commemorate this special occasion, the school conducted a solemn Trooping Flag Presentation Ceremony at the school hall in the 30th Graduation Ceremony on 15th May, 2015. It is our great honour to have invited Mr. Walter Wat, Senior Vice Chairman of World Dance Council & President of Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council to present the trooping flag to our Latin Team. At the same time, it was also a great opportunity for all the honourable guests, teachers and schoolmates to witness this historical and memorable moment — the first Hong Kong Secondary School representing Hong Kong to take part in the Blackpool World Dance Open Competition, the highest level of the kind.

Unlock the Potential of Students and Encourage Students to Set their Long-term Goals — Making Dreams Come True

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals S. C. Gaw Memorial College Latin Dance Team was established in 2011 and has already actively participated in a variety of regional and international dancesport competitions, with their outstanding performances, they received numerous annual overall awards in Hong Kong and different regions. That is the reason why our Latin Dance Team has also been known as ‘An Acclaimed and Prestigious School of Dancing’. Under the generous support and sponsorship of the Chairman of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (2014-2015) and our ex-School Supervisor, Mr Sze Wing Hang, Ivan and Dr. Tan Siu Lin Education Fund, it is indeed our greatest pleasure to announce the remarkable and marvellous attainments of our Latin Dance Team for achieving stunning successes in 4 international competitions in Italy, the U.K., Malaysia and South Korea. This has shown that our Latin Dance Team has reached its maturity and we are so proud of their representation of Hong Kong to take part in different international competitions. All team members are well-prepared and well-equipped to encounter any kind of challenges in dancing ventures. Our team has brought glory to TWGHs and Hong Kong.

What speaks for Remarkable Results — Generous Support and Sponsorship of TWGHs Chairman (2014-2015) and ex-School Supervisor, Mr Sze Wing Hang, Ivan and our Current School Supervisor, Mr Sunny Tan

Since the first attempt to take part in the international competition of the 1st Perak International Open Dance Championships, our Latin Dance Team won the first international 2 Champions for Ballroom Dance Team and Latin Dance Team Competitions, 2 Champions for Ballroom Dance Single and Latin Dance Single Competitions, the First Runner-up in the Amateur Novice, the Second Runner-up in the Amateur Open Competition, in total of 237 awards with 27 Champions in different titles for Hong Kong. In the same year, by taking part in London Ballroom & Latin Dance Open Championship and International Dance Championships at Milan, our elite students were awarded a total of 24 prizes including 5 international Champions in different titles. In 2014, our student dancers paid much effort in the IDA Korea Open & 14th Seoulcup International Superstar Dancesport Championships with the achievements of a total of 98 Grand Prizes with 33 Champions included.

"Blackpool" Dream Comes True
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Dr. Tan Siu Lin Education Fund
with a Total Funding of more than $500,000

In October 2014, under the support and sponsorship of Tung Wah Arts and Elite Student Support Scheme, our international elite student dancers have repeatedly received a series of high standard professional training by international Latin Dance masters with the ambitions to achieve better results for transcending to be excellent dancers. In March, 2015, their persistence and efforts were paid in good returns with 12 elite dancers selected for the Hong Kong Team to participate in a renowned competition known as the "Dance of the Olympic" Blackpool World Championships, Britain. In fact, this unique opportunity for the students to make their dreams come true as top dancers for sharing and competing with other international dancers is attributed to the generosity and cultivation of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Dr. Tan Siu Lin. In preparation for the trip to Blackpool, they received the following subsidies:

  1. TWGHs Arts and Elite Student Support Scheme Training Allowance: $ 215,000
  2. TWGHs Arts and Elite Student Support Scheme Overseas Competition Allowance: $ 180,000
  3. TWGHs Dr. Tan Siu Lin Charitable Educational Fund Overseas Competition Allowance: $ 120,000
  4. Dr. Tan Siu Lin Education Fund Cheung Ching Kwok and Lo Shuk Ting Apparel Allowance: $25,000

The elite students including Cheung Ching Kwok, Lo Shuk Ting, Rai Megan KaHei, Li Hau Yi, Chan Lok Hang, Yip OiChing, Chan Pui Sze, Yu Hoi Chi, Tsang Hoi Ling, Tang Wai Sum, Tang Miu Sum and Cheng Yuen Ying will take part in this prominent and remarkable competition and it is hoped that they will bring glory to Hong Kong, TWGHs and the school.

Annual Blackpool Dance Festival — "International Dance Olympic"

For those involved in the work of international Dancesport, the Blackpool Dance Festival is well-known as the leading international ballroom dance activity, which is held in the northern town of Blackpool of Britain every May. In addition to its seven-day international ballroom dance championship, the whole function also includes Master Classes, Ballroom dancing worldwide conferences and Expos and so on. This BRITISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP is therefore entitled as the highest and prestigious honour in the world of international dance tournaments, which is a springboard to the development of talented and professional dancers.