16 August 2015
Parents' Day for our New S.1 Students

On 16th August, 2015, more than 200 parents and S.1 students attended the Parents’ Day for our new S.1 students. The programme started with the welcoming speech by our Principal, Ms Agnes Tang who briefly introduced to parents the major education policies of the school and emphasized that our school always provides ample opportunities to develop the full potentials of every student.

Then Mr Leung Ping Yan, our Vice-princiapl presented the school academic structure to our parents and reminded our students to work hard by the use of effective study strategies. Mr Yiu Kit Man introduced our Lifewide English Lessons and Afterschool Great Movies. Ms. Wong Lai Fan, our Vice-principal focused on the development of the Board of Student Support and elaborated on the school's pastoral policies. She put forward to encouraging our students to behave themselves well in a caring school of S. C. Gaw. Mr Cheung Chau Fan briefly explained the supportive measures in guidance and counselling. Afterwards, Ms Kwan May Ping made a brief introduction on the comprehensive development of the school extra-curricular activities which aims at developing multiple intelligences of our students. Our PTA Chairman, Mr. Tse Kwok Wai introduced the structure of our PTA to our parents and encouraged our new S.1 parents to become parent volunteers. At last, a representative from eclass taught all the parents how to use the Eclass Apps for reading and signing school circulars.

Through the programme, it is believed that our parents understand a lot about the school and are willing to work with the school to nurture the wholesome development of their children.

Principal's Speech 校長致辭
Parent-Teacher Association
Board of Studies 學務部
Board of Student Support 學生成長支援部
Department of Discipline 訓導處
New S.1 Student Training Programme
Department of ECA 課外活動處
Department of Guidance 輔導處
Language Across the Curriculum Learning Kit
ePayment System & Lunch Arrangement
eClass App 家長使用指引
Program 程序