21 August 2015
S1 Bridging & Induction Programme Passing-out Ceremony --- Kindly Officiated by The Chairman of Kwai Tsing Mr Fong Ping ,BBS, JP, Kwai Tsing District Councillors Ms Poon Siu-ping, MH, Ms Tam Wai-chun, MH, Ms Lam Chui-ling, MH, Mr Tang Shui-Wah, The Chairman of Tsing Yi(North East) Area Committee Mr Lee Wing Kuen
中一新同學銜接計劃結業典禮 --- 葵青區議會主席方平 BBS太平紳士,葵青區議員潘小屏女士 MH、譚惠珍女士 MH、林翠玲女士 MH、鄧瑞華先生及青衣(東北)分區主席李永權先生蒞臨主禮

The S1 Bridging & Induction Programme Passing-out Ceremony was held on 21st August, 2015. This year we have the honour of having The Chairman of Kwai Tsing District , Mr Fong Ping, BBS, JP, District Council Members of the Kwai Tsing District, Ms Lam Chui-ling, Nancy, MH, Ms Poon Siu-ping, Nancy, MH, Ms Tam Wai-chun, MH, Mr Tang Shui Wah & the Chairman of Tsing Yi (North East) Area Committee, Mr Lee Wing Kuen as our officiating guests. Parents of the S.1 new students were invited to share the joy with our teachers and students.

The ceremony began with the welcoming speech given by our Principal, Ms Tang and she was delighted as there were more than hundreds of parents participating in the ceremony. She told parents that the major theme of the programme was to cultivate a sense of self-care among our S.1 students so that they could develop themselves as capable students in academic studies and extra-curricular activities.

Afterwards, all S.1 students marched in teams to the hall reviewed by our honourable guests. The neat and tidy formation showed that they were well-disciplined and well-behaved and their performance was highly appreciated.

Our honourable guests then awarded the graduation certificates to our S.1 students and some students obtained the ‘Best Performance Award’. All these certificates confirmed their success in overcoming the challenges during the training and we all hope that they can have the same courage to face difficulties in all aspects in the coming years.

To recall the memories of students and to share with parents what their children had done in our bridging and induction programme, a video summarizing the activities of the whole training program was shown. S.1 students were then divided into groups to take photos with our guests, Principal and teachers. At last, parents were so excited that they rushed out for a photo together. This photo showed how joyful and delighted the parents are when they have their students studying in our school and how grateful our S.1 students are as they can have their coming 6 years living in the big family of S.C.Gaw.