10 September 2015
Gary, the Renowned Host of the Korean Popular TV Programme --- Running Man, Visiting Our School for the First School's Out of Channel M in Asia for HK and Korean Cultural Exchange Programme

On 10th September, 2015, all our senior students have had an enjoyable time in the hall with the famous Korean MC, TV programme host and entertainer, Gary for the Other Learning Experiences in terms of Cultural Exchange Programme. It is a great opportunity for our students to have the close contact with the Korean culture and it is a way for our students to keep in pace with the Korean culture in reality in short distance. As is well known, Gary is a famous TV programme host in Asia and his experience and success story would be an encouragement to the senior students who will work hard to actualize their aspirations. Students have to know that each of the successful people has to work hard in order to gain recognition and popularity. School’s Out is an educational mass programme in which Gary will have the chance to visit different Asian cities with the aim to achieve the mutual understanding of different cultures. Hong Kong is his first station and he has had the golden chance to let Hong Kong students know more about his life and how intimate Koreans are in Asia.

Gary is a successful public figure as he is an all-rounder who is capable of singing and applying different skills to make the dreams of the students come true. He is so energetic and he plays different sports games like rope jumping with the students and he can handle the climax of the whole activity for bringing positive messages to the students and they are stimulated to work harder to achieve their aspirations. In terms of life planning, the students will know that they have to be well-equipped with different talents and skills if they desire to be involved in the entertainment industry. It is observed that the students were so involved in cooperating with Gary to build up the harmonious relationship in the school hall. Our students are so supportive, understanding and courteous.

【FACE韓飯台】入青衣中學扮影印機維修員穿煲 Gary爆讀書時成日課室跳舞】

【短片】突襲青衣中學 RM Gary 同學生喪玩跳大繩 (source:nextmedia)

【韓流】Gary突襲香港校園跳大繩 - 蘋果日報 http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/enews/realtime/20150910/54190138
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Gary香港校園跳大繩| 蘋果日報| 娛樂| 20150911 http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/entertainment/art/20150911/19290163
韓國綜藝節目《Running Man》成員Gary,昨日突襲香港一間中學拍攝校園真人騷《School's Out》,他除了又唱又跳,更與學生合照、跳大繩和才藝...

【韓星】Gary突襲港校園與學生跳大繩 - OL網 - 明報 韓國綜藝節目《Running Man》主持Gary今日到香港一間中學拍攝校園真人騷《School's Out》,跟一眾學生近距離接觸。Gary除了唱歌外,還與學生玩... http://ol.mingpao.com/php/showbiz3.php?nodeid=1441884456610&subcate=latest&issue=20150910