20 February 2016Our Students Participating in the Awareness Programme concerning Spinal Cord Injury of Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association (SEYSA) conducted in our School

On 19 February, Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association (SEYSA) held an awareness programme concerning Spinal Cord Injury. The awareness programme was conducted by Hong Kong Spinal Cord Injury Fund (HKSCI Fund) to enhance social awareness of Spinal Cord Injury. Some of our students, and many other students from different schools in Hong Kong took part in this programme.

The programme started with a short and splendid speech about the importance of spinal health, given by Mrs. Suzanne Poon, Chairperson of HKSCI Fund. Then, 6 wheelchair dance athletes from Hong Kong Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (HKWDSA) and the representatives of our latin dance team gave dance demonstrations to the audiences, both of their performance won round of applauses. The performances convinced the audiences both injured people and able-bodied people can live their own lives in different ways.

Some Poly University students from Physiotherapy Department were also invited to hold game stalls on the podium. These game stalls not only provided information of spinal health, but also gave professional information on how to protect the health of the spine. They can also experience to walk on crutches and test their coordination ability as well.