17 March 2016
Our school was selected as one of the 3 pilot schools in the Project Growth of the Hong Kong Police Force and our Principal, Ms Agnes Tang was invited to be one of the officiating guests at the Kick-off Ceremony which was held at the Anthony Gaw Lecture Theatre of our school

The Project Growth aimed at facilitating social and personal development of the Mentees, inspiring and motivating Mentees to pursue a career with the Police Force upon graduation. The Mentors were officers from IP to CSP ranks and they acted as a role model and shared with students about their knowledge, experience and challenges in the career as a Police Inspector. The Kick off Ceremony of the Project Growth has been held on 17 March 2016 at the Lecture Theater of our school. Our Principal was invited to participate in the event along with the senior inspectors and senior superintendent of Hong Kong PoliceForce. Mr. Siu, the Chief Superintendent of Police of Human Resources Department firstly delivered an opening speech and introduced the primary objectives of the Project Growth.

Our school was one of the pilot schools of the Project Growth. 20 students came from Form 4 and Form 5 were recruited as Mentees. They will participate in a series of activities including visits to Mentor’s work place. With excellent performance in designing the logo of the Project Growth, our student 5D Luo Hoi Ho 駱凱豪 was awarded.