15 May 2016
S.3 Parents' Day - Seminar on Choice of Subjects
中三級家長日 - 選科講座

On 15 May 2016, the parents of our S.3 students were invited to attend a seminar concerning the selection of HKDSE elective subjects. Our Principal Ms. Agnes Tang, who expressed her thanks to the presence of students and parents, presented the welcoming speech. She reminded parents to help secure a bright future for their children by preparing their children for the challenges of the coming decades.

We also invited Dr. Shum Kam Hong, the Principal of Pui Ching Academy to give a talk on DSE elective subject about studying foreign languages at the school hall. Dr. Shum introduced the procedures of application and highlighted important tasks for the students and the parents as reference. Then our Alumna, Ms. Lam Wing Sze, introduced the students’ life-planning evaluation. Afterwards, Mr. Lam introduced the Senior Secondary Curriculum and the allocation system of elective subjects to all parents and students. Ms. Cheng told our students and their parents how they could choose suitable subjects. During the Q & A section, various Panel Heads and the KLA Coordinators of our school went up to the stage and answered the questions raised by students.

Parents were then divided into groups according to the classes of their children. The homeroom teachers of their children distributed to them the life-planning evaluation and also the result of the second simulation selection of elective subjects. The homeroom teachers answered the questions raised by the parents. We hoped that our S.3 students could choose the appropriate subjects and get well-prepared for themselves.