19 May 2016
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Fortnight

STEM has been advocated as the future trend of education across the globe. The curriculum blends Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into an integrated approach of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

To raise the awareness of this new curriculum among our students, ‘STEM Fortnight’ (9th – 19th May, 2016) was launched to promote this new learning strategy. The function was a collaboration of three KLAs: Science, Mathematics and Technology.

A series of activities was arranged at the school podium during lunch time. Students could gain many new scientific and technological experiences. Students could play with some Lego robots or iBuddies. Mathematics stall games allowed our students to enjoy the world of mathematics through games. Students could also experience self-made cotton candy, which is a kind of traditional food technology. 1B and 3D won the ‘marshmallow’ shooting competition using their own handmade catapults. Printing is nothing special, but 3D printing can be a lot of fun when someone watched the printing process closely. During the STEM Fortnight, students could have other exciting experiences such as watching holograms using a big TV or small smartphones, watching ‘real movies or games’ using VR (virtual reality) goggles, and controlling quadcopters to be ready for aerial photography.

Prizes were presented by the Principal, Ms. Tang, to students who won the ‘catapult marshmallow-shooting competition’, VR experience and quadcopter-driving competition.