20 May 2016
Carp Big Splash over S.C.Gaw Eye Dotting Ceremony

The Carp Big Splash over S. C. Gaw Eye Dotting Ceremony was held on 20 May 2016 to celebrate the Kicking-off of TWGHs S. C. Gaw Education for the Future --- What Next 2015/16 to 2019/20. It is our great honour to have the blessing of Mr Alan Lo Ying Ki, JP, Kwai Tsing District Officer, Mr Law King Shing, MH, Chairman of Kwai Tsing District Council, Hon Alice Mak Mei Kuen, BBS, JP, Member of Legislative Council, HKSAR and Mr Lau Hing Wah, MH, Chairman of Kwai Tsing District Fight Crime Committee, our School Donor, Mrs Rossana Gaw and other renowned community leaders to do the Eye Dotting of a big red carp and student-made small carps.

To begin with, our parents representative brandished a big red carp in the hall representing the big splash of the carp. The big red carp led the way for the small carps into the hall. When our officiating guests put dots on the eyes, mouth, forehead and fin of the carp, the whole hall was filled with joy and cheers. The ceremony is a blessing for the bright future of our graduates and also the successful development of our school in the future under the themes of Beyond Excellence towards Substainability: (1) World-class Standards, (2) All-round Development, (3) Raising Success Rate in University Admission and (4) Achieving Academic Excellence and Sustainable Development.