24 May 2016
Reflection Assembly for the Major Areas of Concerns

To provide all-round education to students and to realize the educational goals and school ethos of the school sponsoring body, TWGHs, the Major Areas of Concerns of our school 2013-2014 are (1) Applying Varied Uses of Interactive Learning Strategies and Channels to Promote Autonomous Learning in 1441 Teaching Mode; (2) Bridging a Holistic Promotion of Language Rich Environment and Language Capability of Students of Diverse Needs through Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and (3) Cultivating Positive Attitude and Proactive Traits to Embrace Mutual Benefits to Individual Enhancement and Collective Betterment.

After a year, this is the right time to take a reflection on how the objectives are carried out and what we have experienced during the last academic year. On 24th May 2016, all S.C.Gawers met in the hall for the special assembly period organized by the Board of Student Support. A quiz competition was held in which representatives from the four Houses were invited to participate in.

Before the quiz competition, there was a video showing the activities which our students participated in during the year. Then the competition started. There were questions concerning all major areas of concerns and students were able to answer most of the questions. Student audiences were enthusiastic and showed their overwhelming response. When it was their turn to answer questions, most of them raised their hands and some even stood up seeking for the chance to answer. The whole school was filled with excitement and laughter.

Then the assembly came to an end. Our students were deeply impressed by the competition and they knew that it was not the end. In fact, it is the beginning of S.C.Gawers to get ready and move on until they are able to use English in our everyday life and become all-round students.