7 June 2016
Staff Development Day --- The Practice of Shaolin Ba Duan Jin
教師發展日 --- 學習少林八段錦

A special staff development session was held on 7 June 2016. Our staff was practicing Shaolin Ba Duan Jin It was organized by the Federation of Education Workers. Our staff was practicing Shaolin Ba Duan Jin. Martial Arts master Mr. Liu Wai Hung came to our school to train our teachers. To Mr. Liu, the day was special as he was a graduate of our school and he acted as a teacher on that day providing martial arts training to his former teachers. To all our staff, the day was also special because it was an opportunity to forget all the burden from work and took a break to learn the healthy exercise of Ba Duan Jin. Thanks to Federation of Education Workers and Mr. Liu for providing us with such a relaxing afternoon.