20 June 2016
1A Kwok Ching Tung, 2B Chiu Hin Tung and 2C Yeung Hoi Ting obtained Best Performance Awards in the Kanhan Chinese Online Reading Programme
1A 郭婧彤同學、2B 招顯桐同學及2C 楊凱婷同學於「普普村之星暨看漢中文網之閱讀寶庫」獎勵計劃獲頒最佳表現獎項

Our students were hitherto encouraged to attend online reading programmes. The students of 1A, Kwok Ching Tung, 2B, Chiu Hin Tung and 2C, Yeung Hoi Ting participated in Kanhan Chinese Online Reading Programme. Their performances were outstanding and thus obtained the Best Performance Awards. Congratulations to Ching-tung, Hin-tung and Hoi-ting.