22 June 2016
S.6 Graduation Dinner

On 22 June 2016, our S.6 Graduates held their Graduation Dinner at Regal Hotel. Our Principal, Vice-Principal, S.6 Homeroom Teachers and Subject Teachers were invited to attend the buffet dinner. Students dressed in splendid attire greeted the Principal and teachers at 6:30 pm. The dinner started after the Principal’s speech. Ms Tang took the opportunity to encourage our S.6 graduates to keep a positive attitude towards life, face challenges ahead and pursue a fulfilling life.

Students were eager to invite the Principal and teachers to take photos. The class photos taken on that night were made up of sweet memories of the past. The attendees of the dinner were no longer boys and girls in school uniforms but well-dressed ladies and gentlemen. The photos earmarked a mixed memory of tears, laughter, frustration and even disagreements over the past six years and the final conclusion today was “Our students have grown up” which is indeed the most precious reward to the school and all the teachers.