23 June 2016
Congratulations to S.5B Yu Yat Tong, our PTA Volunteering Team (co-ordinated by Mr. SHEWAKRAMANI Kumar Bhagwandas) and our Teacher, Mr. Lau Hon Cheong for Being Awarded Commendation Certificates in “I’m With You” Award Scheme 2015-16
恭賀本校學生、家長義工團隊 (陳亞祖先生協調) 及劉漢昌老師在「與你同行」獎勵計劃中榮獲嘉許證書

Commendation Certificates were awarded to Mr. SHEWAKRAMANI Kumar Bhagwandas, the coordinator of our PTA Volunteering Team, our teacher, Mr. Lau Hon Cheong and our student, Yu Yat Tong, for “I’m with You” Award Scheme 2015-16.

The Scheme aims to offer accolades to students, parents and teachers who have achieved remarkably in nurturing their children or supporting schools in bettering the education of students. Besides, Certificates of Recognition were also awarded to 12 students from different forms in the recognition of the remarkable achievement in fostering a caring school culture.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our students, parents and teachers for their selfless effort to the nurturing of our children and unfailing support to the school. They all have achieved tremendously in helping them to cope with challenges encountered, supporting them to solve their learning difficulties, and encouraging them to realize their potential. They whole-heartedly support the school in promoting home-school co-operation and participate in the PTA volunteering team as well.