25 June 2016
Congratulations to 5A Yip Kin Chung, 5B Chak Sin Yau and 5D Ling Yuk Kan for obtaining the “Future Stars” Upward Mobility Scholarship
恭賀 5A 葉健聰、5B 翟善柔及 5D 凌勖勤取得「明日之星」計劃上游獎學金

Three of our students have been awarded Upward Mobility Scholarship by the EDB for their diligence and perseverance in their studies and have taken initiative in dealing with adversities in their lives. Our school has made every attempt to promote growth of our students’ life skills in different perspectives. It is hoped that the students will grow in a very educational and stimulating ways and can be well-equipped with different skills and knowledge to contribute to Hong Kong society.

We are so proud to have three students being awarded Upward Mobility Scholarship and they will be encouraged to work harder in their lives to achieve their goals. Our school is committed to take actions to open up the sky for the development of the students.