27 June 2016
Warmest Congratulations to our School Boys’ Volleyball Team for achieving the 3rd runner-up in TW Joint Schools “Volleyball for Two” competition
2016 熱烈恭賀本校男子排球隊勇奪聯校雙人男子排球比賽殿軍

TW Joint Schools “Volleyball for 2” competition 2016 was held at the TWGHs Lee Ka Shing College on 27 June2016. Congratulations to our Boys’ Volleyball Team for achieving 3rd runner-up at the boys' Volleyball competition. Well done! Boys! Keep it up!


Members of the Award Winning Team are as follows:
1. Kwok Kwan Ho (2B)
2. Liu Ngai Kam(2D)
3. Sze Chi Kin (1C)