27 June 2016
Warmest Congratulations to our School Girls’ Volleyball Team for achieving the 1st runner-up in TW Joint Schools “Volleyball for Two” competition 2016

TW Joint Schools “Volleyball for 2” competition 2016 was held at the TWGHs Lee Ka Shing College on 27 June 2016. Congratulations to our Girls’ Volleyball Team for achieving 1st Runner-up at the Girls' Volleyball competition.

It is well-known that our initiatives in student development have strengthened students' self-confidence and power of self-actualization. Their active and enduring involvement in sport activities and the outstanding results can best illustrate how they strive for continuous breakthroughs and further excellence.

Members of the Award Winning Team are as follows:
1. Lee Pui Man (5D)
2. Lau Ho Ting (5D)
3. Lee Tung Yan (5D)
4. Choi Cheuk Yan (4D)