28 June 2016
Congratulations to 5B Yu Yat Tung 、5B Chak Sin Yau 、5C Lo Shuk Ting for Obtaining the Merit Award in the “Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Election 2016”
恭賀 5B余日彤同學、翟善柔同學及5C盧淑婷同學於『香港傑出少年選舉2016』榮獲良好獎

Congratulations to S. C. Gawer, 5B Yu Yat Tung, 5B Chak Sin Yau and 5 Lo Shuk Ting for obtaining the Merit Award in the Hong Kong Outstanding Teens Election 2016 organized by The Hong Kong Playground Association. The Hong Kong Playground Association is a major youth group who has been committed to promoting the positive attitudes of youngsters in contributing Hong Kong society. They will be invited to participate in the social service to assist the people in need and those most in need in the future.

Congratulations to Yat-tung, Sin -yau and Shuk-ting!