28 June - 1 July 2016
Environmental Study Tour for S.4 Students in Hunan Province

From 27 June to 1 July, 42 S.4 students and 5 teachers went to Zhangjiajie (張家界), Changsha (長沙) and Zhuzhou (株洲) in Hunan Province. They visited the environmental facilities in these places and understood the design of the cities.

In the tour, students and teachers visited The Hunan First Normal University (湖南第一師範學校) and The High School attached to Hunan Normal University (湖南師大附中). Students were enthusiastic about the life of students there and they asked a lot of questions.

Students had the opportunity to visit the famous enterprises in Hunan Province including Zoomlion (中聯重科) and Broad Air Conditioning (遠大空調) and understood the advanced technology in the manufacturing of high speed rail and the new invention of power generation. They also visited Zhuzhou City Planning Exhibition Hall (株洲市規劃展覽館) and understood the design and planning of the city.

The most unforgettable memories came from the tour in Zhangjiajie. Students on one hand admired the astonishing natural landscape and appreciated the work of the local officials to protect the natural sites. Students took a lot of photos and bought many souvenirs.

The sharing activity was done after dinner on the fourth day. Students were divided into groups to share their feelings. They performed dramas, TV programs and interviews to express their feelings and it was so amusing that the whole restaurant was filled with laughter and tears.

The journey came to an end on 1 July when students returned school at 8:00 pm at night. This study tour was designed to allow students to be aware of the natural landscape in Hunan province, and to understand the urban design and environmental conservation of Hunan. Students could combine their knowledge from textbooks with their experiences through observations. The trip allowed students to increase their understanding of the country, broaden their horizons and enhance their sense of nationality.