6 July 2016
Inter-house Drama Competition 2015-2016
2015-2016 年度社際戲劇比賽

The Inter-house Drama Competition 2015/16 organized by the ECA Department was held on 6th July at the School Hall. The competition aimed at boosting students' confidence, communication skills and mutual cooperation through drama competition. Also, students could learn numerous theatrical skills such as facial expressions, voice projection, gestures and speech variance. They experienced the process of a real drama production, including making costumes, props and participating in stage rehearsals and performances.

This year our students proudly presented four productions, "餛飩" by Diligence House, "寧謐的一生" by Frugality House, "孝" by Loyalty House and "曇花" by Faithfulness House. Within the limited time, the dazzling performances reflected the dedication of the house members. We are grateful to the positive and encouraging response from the judge – Ms Ho Man Yee. We look forward to bringing many more wonderful productions in the years to come!

There was the prize announcement by Ms Ho Man Yee. Students were eager to hear the results of the drama competition. The winners are as follows:
Best Actress: Lee Sze Wai (5C, Faithfulness House), Tsang Tsoi Yau (5C, Diligence House)
Best Actor: Ho Pak Fung (5D, Diligence House), Chu Cheuk Yin (5C, Diligence House)
Best Director: Lee Sze Wai (5A, Frugality House), Yu Yat Tung (5B, Frugality House)
Best Screenwriter: Kam Wing Chi (3C, Loyalty House), Yong Tsz Cheuk (3C, Loyalty House), Lam Chuen Hon (5A, Loyalty House) & Tsoi Hau Yi (4B, Loyalty House)
Best Stage Effect: Frugality House
Best Cooperation: Frugality House
Best Performance: Loyalty House.

After the announcement of the competition results, the overall champion of the Inter-house Drama Competition was announced. It went to Frugality House.