15 July 2016
S1 Bridging & Induction Program Started

To enable students to adapt to secondary school life as soon as possible, and to explore the potentials of students, an S.1 New Student Bridging & Induction Program was organized by our school for our S.1 new students. The program consists of a series of activities which will last from mid-July to late August.

The first part of the program was a Bridging Course which lasted from 13th to 15th July, 2016. Each S.1 student was provided with a JS1 Bridging Handbook and a JS1 Student Orientation Handbook -“My Personal Profile”(我的手冊). Through the Bridging Course, students learnt basic subject knowledge for the coming academic year and their interest in using English as the medium of instruction was also aroused.

The second part of the program will be a training camp held in August. The aims of the training camp are to enhance ethical standards of the students, develop their independent thinking, cultivate and develop their proper perception of values and enhance their problem solving skills.