14 March 2012
Principal’s Address at the Outstanding Student Attainment Awards Ceremony (Part II) of the First Term of 2011-2012
2011-12 年度上學期傑出學生成就頒獎禮(第二部份)校長致辭

Good afternoon, fellow teachers and students.

I am happy to speak to you after six months of studies in this academic year.  You have got your First Term School Report on 24th February, 2012.  With the performance of the First Term, have you made your self-reflection and plan for your studies in the Second Term?

To go further, we may have to plan how we can do better.  It brings me back to the Major Areas of Concern which were announced at the beginning of this year.  As portrayed in the foci of development, what we can see is our students value not only academic excellence and personal enrichment, but also individual differences, and are always ready to make contributions to the school as a learning community. The educational goals and school ethos of TWGHs, are to be fully realized.  To refresh our memory, they are  (1) Developing Students' Self-Learning Capacity for Effective Learning; (2) Optimizing Students' Competence in English through Language Across Curriculum and (3) Cultivating Students' Personal Quality, Promoting National Education through Joint Efforts of Teaching, Discipline and Guidance. 

What we can see in the classrooms in March are the 4 Effective Steps in an Effective Lesson.  They are (i) Learning Expectation; (ii) Checking Student Learning; (iii) Interactive Learning & (iv) Consolidation.  It is also our aim to make learning invitational.  Learning will be more effective in a conducive environment when we refer to the 4 reflective questions posted at the Blackboard: 

  1. What are you learning?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. Is your work good?
  4. How do you know your work is good enough?

It highlighted the effort of developing proper learning skills and initiative in study.  As the result,   students of S. C. Gaw are trained to be motivated and active learners.  If so, do remember to bring your textbooks, exercise books, note-book and stationery like ball-pen to jot down notes.  Of course, do sit properly and listen attentively in the lessons.

Also, we are here in this assembly as the second part of Awards Ceremony on 1st March, 2012 to present prizes to those who have attained outstanding performance in the First Term.  On this special occasion, may we congratulate our prize winners for their good work!  More importantly, I would like to congratulate all of us for the great efforts and hard work that we have made in the First Term.  As shown on our school webpage under ‘Outstanding Student Attainment Awards Ceremony’, you can see how versatile and fruitful our First School Term has been.  There has been a wide repertoire of activities which ranged from intellectual & languages development to all-round pursuits in gifted education, aesthetic, music, sport, service and leadership domains.  In the rest of this assembly, we will be given out prizes in  academic and the Rainbow Scheme in students’ moral development.  Let us give ourselves a good round of applause for all we have done and achieved so far.

What I can assure is—“Years at S. C. Gaw is the best years of my life.”  Students of S. C. Gaw are much more than their examination results!  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  So you do have to believe in yourself and your ability to do well. Finally may I wish you all a bright future.  Thank you.