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TWGHs S C Gaw Memorial College  
Clubs & Societies

Our school has 38 clubs classified into 3 subgroups: academic group, cultural group, and service group. All students were encouraged to choose their favourite club. Also, the committee members from different clubs endeavored to organise interesting and meaningful activities to their club members.

English Culture Group (TIC: Ms. Chan Yuk Mei)

Poetry & Song Appreciation Group (TIC: Ms. Li Wai Ki)

Fun Fun English Group (TIC: Ms. Ko Wing Yan), (Ms. Ng Wing Chi)

English Verse Speaking Club (TIC: Mr. Ashencaen Caspian Orion)

Scrabble Club (TIC: Mr. Chan Chi Wah)

English Drama Club (TIC: Ms. Wu Wai Sze)

Drama Club (TIC: Ms. Kwok Fung Wa)

Putonghua Club (TIC: Ms. Lee Hung), ( Mr. Ng Lik Hang)

Putonghua Verse Speaking Club (TIC: Ms Wong Lai Fan), (Ms. Li Sze Sze)

Chinese Culture Club (TIC: Ms. Lee Ming Lan)

Chinese Verse Speaking Club (TIC: Ms. Cheng Bo Wah)

Debating Club (TIC: Mr. Chan Kwok Wai)

Chess Club (TIC: Mr. Ngai Kwok Hing), (Mr. Hui Chi Fai)

Bridge Club (TIC: Mr. Hui Chi Fai)

Economics and Commerce Club (TIC: Ms. Lee Yim Ling), (Mr. Kan Kai Wing, Ms. Yeung Yuk Chun)

History Club (TIC: Ms. Lee Hau Yin), (Ms. Yip Wai Mei)

Computer Club (TIC: Mr. Chan Kwong Tat), (Mr. Chung Chun Yin)

Chinese History Education Club (TIC: Ms. Ng Wai Han)

Mathematics Club (TIC: Mr. Cheung Wai Ching), (Mr. Tai Chiu Kei)

Enrichment Mathemaqtics Club (TIC: Mr. Lau Hon Cheong), (Mr. Yuen Wai Wah)

Design and Technology Club (TIC: Mr. Tang King Chiu)

Visual Arts Club (TIC: Ms. Lai Suk Han), (Ms. Shum Wai Man)

Home Economics Club (TIC: Ms. Wen Pui Yi)

Geography Club (TIC: Ms. Lee Chi Fan)

Biology Club (TIC: Mr. Cheung Chau Fan)

Photography & Digital Video Club (TIC: Mr. Lam Yiu Chun)

Chemistry Club (TIC: Mr. Chan Chu Sang)

First Aid Club (TIC: Mr. Tung Lung)

Green & Community Youth Club (TIC: Mr. Yiu Kit Man), (Ms. Yeung Sze Ki)

Science Club (TIC: Mr. Wong Chuk Man)

Christian Association (TIC: Ms. Ho Shuk Yi)

Healthy School Club (TIC: Mr. Yip Kam Pui)

Japanese Culture Club (TIC: Ms. Kwan May Ping)

Junior Police Call (TIC: Mr. Samuel Fu)

Music Club (TIC: Ms. Cheung Pui Yee)

Sports Club (TIC: Mr. Chan Kin Sang), (Ms. Lui Kin Ling)

Liberal Studies Club (TIC: Ms. Lee Wing Sze), (Mr. Leung Ping Yan)

Animal Welfare Club (TIC: Ms. Chui Cheuk Lam)