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Multiple Intelligence and Gifted Education

Ms. Kwan May Ping

Ms. Cheng Pui Yee
Ms. Shum Wai Man
Mr. Wong Muk Yan
Mr. Hui Chi Fai
Mr. Chan Kin Sang
Mr. Chan Kwong Tat
Ms. Lui Kin Ling
Ms. Yeung Sze Ki
Ms. Chui Cheuk Lam

P.6 Students Mathematics Gifted Pilot Programme

Talented Primary Six students in Mathematics are nominated by their schools for participating in the Gifted Mathematics Programme. In the programme, advanced Mathematics is introduced to students . Students are divided into groups and have to explore Mathematical principles through mind-reading games and card tricks, and present their solutions to these problems.The students will have a deeper understanding on the applications and strength of Mathematics. It helps to enhance their appreciation on the art of Mathematics!


Uniform Groups

Our school has 25 uniform groups which are classified into 3 subgroups: Uniform Groups, Social Service Group and Sports & Aesthetic.

Uniform Groups:

Marching Band & Flag Corp
(TIC: Ms. Cheung Pui Yee, Ms. Chui Cheuk Lam)

Road Safety Patrol
(TIC: Mr. Wong Muk Yan / Mr. Yuen Wai Wah)

(TIC: Mr. Chan Kwok Wai)

Girl Guides
(TIC: Ms. Ko Wing Yan / Ms. Ng Wing Chi)

St. John Ambulance Brigade
(TIC: Ms. Li Wai Ki / Mr. Tai Chiu Kei)


Service Group:

Junior Police Call
(TIC: Mr. Samuel Fu)

School Service Team
(TIC: Mr. Tang King Chiu)

Community Youth Club
(TIC: Mr. Yiu Kit Man)

Reading Ambassador Group
(TIC: Ms Ho Shuk Yi)

English Ambassadors
(TIC: Ms. Fennell Antoinette Jacinta, Mr. Chan Chi Wah)


Sports & Aesthetic:

Fencing Team
(TIC: Ms. Kwan May Ping / Mr. Ng Lik Hang)

Chinese Dance Group
(TIC: Ms. Kwan May Ping, Ms. Ng Wing Chi)

School Choir
(TIC: Ms Cheung Pui Yee, Ms. Ko Wing Yan)

Drama Group
(TIC: Ms. Kwok Fung Wa)

English Drama & Activity Group
(TIC: Ms. Wu Wai Sze)

Debating Team
(TIC: Mr. Chan Kwok Wai / Mr. Tung Lung)

Latin Dance Group
(TIC: Ms. Kwan May Ping, Ms. Yeung Sze Ki, Ms Chui Cheuk Lam)

Volleyball Team
(TIC: Mr. Kwan May Ping)

Football Team
(TIC: Mr. Hui Chi Fai)

Badminton Team
(TIC: Mr. Kwan May Ping)

Basketball Team
(TIC: Mr. Wong Muk Yan)

Table Tennis Team
(TIC: Mr. Chan Kin Sang)

Athletic & Swimming Team
(TIC: Mr. Chan Kin Sang)

Rugby Team
(TIC: Ms. Lui Kin Ling)

Dodge Ball Team Team
(TIC: Ms. Kwan May Ping)

Chinese Martial Art Team
(TIC: Mr. Samuel Fu)

Modern Dance Team
(TIC: Ms. Kwan May Ping)

Marching Band
(TIC: Ms. Cheung Pui Yee, Ms. Chui Cheuk Lam)